2010 Summer Project Week Breakout Session: Volume Rendering

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Breakout session on Volume Rendering

Goal of this session is to compare and contrast various volume rendering approaches in the context of clinical application scenarios. This will mainly be done through hands-on demos and group discussion.

  • When: 3pm Thursday June 24
  • Where: at a projector in the project week room.

Systems to examine:

  • VTK GPU Raycasting in slicer 3.6 (GLSL)
  • NCI GPU Raycasting in slicer 3.6 (GLSL)
  • Microsoft research volume rendering demo (CUDA, closed source)
  • Others?


  • Virtual Colonoscopy
  • PET-CT
  • Microscopy


Earlier in the project week we will work on getting the same datasets loaded on the various systems.


Please add your name to the list if you are interested in participating in this session

  1. Steve Pieper, Isomics, Inc.
  2. Julien Finet, Kitware Inc.
  3. Alex Yarmarkovich, Isomics, Inc.
  4. Yanling Liu, SAIC-Frederick/NCI-Frederick.
  5. Jim Barabas, MIT Media Lab.
  6. Arnaud Gelas, Harvard Medical School
  7. Nicolas Rannou, Harvard Medical School
  8. Andriy Fedorov, SPL
  9. Curtis Lisle, KnowledgeVis
  10. Nicholas Herlambang, AZE, Ltd.
  11. Tammy Riklin Raviv, CSAIL, MIT