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[[Image:NAMIC-US-screenshot.png|400px|thumb|left|3D Ultrasound Visualization]]
[[Image:NAMIC-US-screenshot.png|400px|thumb|left|Visualizing MRI and 3D Ultrasound]]
==Key Investigators==
==Key Investigators==

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Visualizing MRI and 3D Ultrasound

Key Investigators

BWH: Matthew Toews, Alireza Mehrtash, Steve Pieper, William M. Wells III

Queen's: Csaba Pinter, Andras Lasso

Project Description


This project will investigate approaches to ultrasound-based visualization and navigation in the context of neurosurgery. The goal will be to develop a persistent representation of intra-operatively acquired 2D US data that can be visualized in conjunction with pre-operative MR data.

Approach, Plan

  • We will brainstorm approaches based on current Slicer and PLUS software capabilities. Possible approaches include
    • real-time 3D ultrasound reconstruction
    • painting US data onto predefined visualization planes.


  • We developed a python module that can be used to reconstruct ultrasound volumes online from Slicer, via an active PLUS Server connection.
  • The ultrasound volume can be generated rapidly, visualized and navigated via Slicer, e.g. using a stylus and the VolumeResliceDriver module.
  • We tested the module on data an existing AMIGO neurosurgery case, and investigated navigation via a Leap Motion gesture controller.