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NA-MIC Dissemination Update, Year 5

The dissemination goal in the fifth year of NA-MIC was to continue the outreach activities that were established in the prior years of the center. In addition to the training events reported by the Training core, XX workshop and two birds-of-a-feather meetings were held in collaboration with the Service core. The wiki-based collaborative web presence was also maintained and expanded this year.

Details workshop here.

Birds-of-a-Feather Meetings: The “Programming Week” event that was started in the first year of NA-MIC to gauge the interest of participants in spending a week together working on NA-MIC projects, renamed to "Project Week" to reflect its expanded its scope and duration in the second, third, and fourth years, continued to gain momentum in the fifth year. It continues to include projects that involve all the center cores as well as several funded and non-funded collaborators. The duration in the fifth year was maintained at 2 weeks per year - the last week of June at MIT, as well four days in conjunction with the all-hands meeting in January. The MIT Summer 2008 Project week included XX attendees (XX NA-MIC, XX Collaborators, X EAB, X NIH), XX Projects (X NA-MIC, X External Collaborations), and the AHM Utah Winter Project week included roughly XX attendees, 38 Projects (26 NA-MIC, 12 External Collaborations). Details of all programming/project weeks are available here: http://www.na-mic.org/Wiki/index.php/Engineering:Programming_Events.

The eighth NA-MIC Project event was held on January 5-9, 2009 in connection with the 2009 NA-MIC AHM. The AHM recorded 98 registered attendees. During the project event, 51 projects were actively pursued by the participants.

Statistics at a glance:

   * 98 Registered Attendees: 63 NA-MIC partcipants, 35 collaborators
         o 63 NA-MIC Participants breakdown by cores: Core 1 (21), Core 2 (18), Core 3 (10), Core 5 (2), Core 7 (2), EABS-NIH (10)
         o 35 Collaborators: Funded by NCBC program (10), Other (25) 
   * 51 Projects: DBP Roadmap Projects (11), NA-MIC infrastructure algorithms and engineering Projects (32), External Collaborations (8) 

Web Presence: The collaborative wiki (http://wiki.na-mic.org) has expanded to 2400 pages and maintained about 600 users. (In Year 1, we had 350 pages and 150 users, in Year 2 we had 700 pages and 200 users, and in Year 3 we had 900 pages and 300 users, in Year 4 we had 1100 pages and about 600 users ) In addition to the NA-MIC investigators use of these wiki pages, the usage by external collaborators continues to expand and lead to independent wikis in several cases.