Slicer Day October 2008

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Likely date: October 7

Location: 1249 Bolyston

Likely attendees: Bob O'Bara, Yumin, Will schroeder


  • 3D widgets in slicer
    • Bug fix for the "attention deficit" in the current ones
    • Module panels to accompany 3D widgets: How to duplicate a double oblique?
    • Potential deployment of new 3D widgets in Slicer: e.g. measurement tools (again with matched quantitative panels)
    • other low hanging fruits
  • input widget interface behavior: eg. number input in transformation module
  • design: create and delete widgets in slicer
    • should be a consistent pattern for creating and positioning a widget in slice viewer or 3D viewer, and deleting or hiding a created widget (see reformat widget currently -- one widget, hidden or exposed).
    • what options do we have to work with?
  • design: clear & consistent selection behavior in slicer
    • from user's point of view, what's a widget and what not (fiducials?)
    • all 'selectable' things should behave consistently (what will be good?)
      • how do we communicate 'selectable' on mousover?
      • how do we communicate 'active' once selected?
    • are datasets (like models) selectable?
      • if yes, how can we make their selection behavior consistent with widgets?
  • MRML
    • Overview of current design and goals
    • Discussion of Generality (what's pure MRML vs. MRMLSlicer?)
    • Efficiency Issues
  • Other ongoing topics to touch on
    • Build machines -
      • Module building
      • Platforms - old compilers (VS2003.NET), Solaris...
    • Python
    • BatchMake and Grids