2005 AHM Planning: Portal Development

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Who should attend

Designers and programmers who are interested in developing grid portals.

Goals for the Workshop

Introduction to the JSR168 specification for portlets. This is a popular choice for grid portal development for the research community, industry and major grid portal development groups in US, Europe and Australasia.

Understanding GridSphere, one of the most popular portal containers to host JSR168-based portals. There are various GridPortlets released for GridSphere (www.gridsphere.org).

Participants will get access to the Portal team of the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) for consultation

Workshop Logistics

  • The day-long workshop will be held on Thursday, Oct. 20 at the UC San Diego campus. Directions are at: http://www.calit2.net/about/info/ucsd/maps/calit2map.html. Room disignation willbe posted in the near future.
  • To sign-up for this event, send an e-mail to Jeffrey Grethe (jgrethe@ucsd.edu) with your contact information and any specific training requests.
  • The maximum enrollment for this workshop is 50, first come, first served.
  • All participants may bring their own LINUX or MacOS laptop computer to participate in developer tutorials.

  • The workshop room does not permit food. Lunch will be served. There are several choices for lunch on campus within a short walk of the conference site.

Workshop Participants

This workshop is targeted for developers of portals and grid environments. A basic understanding of Java and the portlet API is assumed from the participants.

Preparation for Workshop -- Important Information for all attendees

All attendees are required to complete the following items prior to the workshop. Support will be provided as requested.

  • Mailing List: TBA
  • Software Installation: TBA.
  • Data to Download: TBA.

Tentative Topics

1. Portlet API tutorial Brief overview of the API followed by advanced tips and techniques to get the most out of the Portlet API.

2. Developing application specific Portals using GridSphere/GridPortlets This session will cover best approaches to design application specific interfaces that make use of the portal framework. The focus will be on using the existing grid framework provided by GridSphere/GridPortlets, including a discussion on plug-ins to GridPortlets versus application specific portlets.

3. Building Globus Toolkit 4 (GT4) based Portlets with GridSphere/GridPortlets Tutorial on building new GT4 based portlets and how to migrate the current portlets (based on GT 2.4.x or GT 3.x) to utilize GT4 technologies.

4. Web Services for Remote Portlet (WSRP) overview An overview on the current state of WSRP and its relevance to the future portal development.

5. Tutorial on the interoperability of portlets in different portal containers (such as Apache's Pluto, GridSphere etc) A common concern with portal development is interoperability between portal containers. JSR168 compliance promised to bring portability between containers. This session will look at the issues involved with deploying GridSphere portlets in other containers, and vice versa.