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The purpose is to write a proper interface for the MGH volume format in ITK. It is important to preserve the orientation information and to interface all the fields, when possible. Also, the orientation preservation is extremely important in this context, so one critical item is the interfacing of the cosines transformation.

Current Status

The code for the raw data IO exists already. The remaining part is the interfacing of other information present in the volume, mainly the cosines transform.

  • Completed the Input and tested it in the case of different types of input data (scalar, vector);
  • Created new class to accommodate the data structure: itk::OrientedVectorImage, based on itk::VectorImage
  • Wrote output functions for both compressed and uncompressed formats
  • Initial Testing.
  • Code checked in the sandbox.

Planning on extending the I/O to the surface format.


  • Gheorghe Postelnicu (MGH)
  • Bill Lorensen (GE)
  • Luis Ibanez (ITK)