2009 Summer Project Week GWE XNAT

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Key Investigators

  • UCSD: Marco Ruiz
  • WU: Dan Marcus


  • Collect specifications for P2EL macros/functions to upload data into XNAT systems.
  • Review and refine production P2EL macros created to query XNAT systems (experiments, session, scans, images, etc.)
  • Collect specifications for any other XNAT querying P2EL macros that may be useful to describe parameter exploration experiments.

Approach, Plan

  • Demo current state of XNAT querying support on GWE and share vision for how researchers can benefit and use it when running parameter exploration experiments.
  • Discuss usability/feasibility of the vision to set a practical direction for this integration effort.
  • Gather specs for the XNAT REST API to implement data upload and for the modications/additions of P2EL macros.
  • Gather information about future modifications/gray areas on the XNAT REST API so can be considered in this integration effort.


  • GWE 0.7.3.alpha (latest release) includes a P2EL macro library to support common querying operations.
  • Presented XNAT querying capabilities curently supported by P2EL (GWE proprietary language) and demo it downloading images stored in XNAT and registering them in parallel using different set of parameters.
  • Meet with Tim Olsen to discuss the XNAT upload REST API. Will need to extend the GWE HTTP driver for submitting PUT requests into XNAT and P2EL to accomodate the semantics for it.