2009 Summer Project Week TubularSurfaceSeg

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Key Investigators

  • Georgia Tech: Vandana Mohan, Allen Tannenbaum
  • BWH: Marek Kubicki, Doug Terry


  • To integrate the Tubular Surface Segmentation into Slicer3, and test it on Cingulum Bundle.
  • To evaluate the model's performance in population studies.

Approach, Plan

  • The tubular surface segmentation has been proposed to extract tubular anatomical structures from medical imagery.
  • We will be integrating the framework into Slicer3 and testing it on DWI data for Cingulum Bundle Segmentation.
  • We will be working with clinical collaborators to interpret the population study results using the model.


  • The framework has been implemented and tested successfully in MATLAB (with mexed C code).
  • Module is under integration into Slicer (we have identified and are addressing some issues.)
  • Worked on understanding and representation of population analysis results.