2010 NAMIC Project week: Module Inventory

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Key Investigators

  • Steve Pieper, Jim Miller, Ron Kikinis


Review modules existing in slicer3.6. Goal is to sort them into categories for development in slicer4.

  • Core modules (included even if --no-modules command line flag is given)
  • Bundled modules that come with slicer binary
  • Extensions

This will serve as guidance for future module developers.

Also: can slicer binary download support C++ module development? If answer is no, then we should stop bundling .lib and .h files to make download smaller.

Approach, Plan

Create the list based on Slicer 3.6.


Here's a tentative list. The difference between bundled extensions and downloadable extensions is based on development history, project priorities, and community input. In practice, we should make all components upgradable through the extension process.

  • Core Functionality
    • Welcome Module
    • Data Module
    • Fetch Medical Informatics
    • Volumes
      • Volumes Module
      • Slices Module
      • Volume Rendering Module
      • 4D Image Viewer
    • Basic Segmentation and Modeling
      • Editor
      • Label Statistics
      • Models Module
      • Model Maker
      • Quick Auto Segmentation (Fast Marching, Otsu, ...)
    • Annotations
      • Fiducials Module
      • Measurements
      • ROI Module
    • Transforms Module
    • Color Module
  • Advanced Functionality (Bundled)
    • Registration
    • Segmentation
    • Filtering
    • Surface Models
  • Applications (Bundled Extensions)
    • Change Tracker
    • IA_FEMesh
    • IGT Apps
    • Diffusion MRI & Tractography
    • Endoscopy
    • QueryAtlas
  • Applications (Downloadable Extensions)
    • VMTK Vessel Analysis
    • Cortical Analysis (ARTIC, GAMBIT...)
    • Lesion Analysis
    • Radiation Therapy Tools

  • Developer Tools (Optional Download)
    • Headers and Libs for ITK, VTK, Teem, CTK, etc.
    • Debug Libraries

Delivery Mechanism

This work will be delivered to the NA-MIC Kit as a information on this wiki page.