2010 Summer Project Week HAMMER: Deformable Registration

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Key Investigators

  • UNC: Guorong Wu, Dinggang Shen
  • GE : Xiaodong Tao, Jim Miller


We will continue developping and testing HAMMER registration algorithm implemented using ITK. The goal is to have an initial version ready by the end of the week that can be distributed within NA-MIC community for more extensive testing.

Approach, Plan

We will develop a Slicer module for the current implementation of the Hammer registration algorithm and test on images from multiple sources to make the algorithm robust and easy to use. Base line results and test will be generated.


  • Project week (Boston, 2010): We have 1) extended HAMMER registration algorithm to work on intensity image, bypassing the pre-segment of MR images; 2) replacing the gaussian propagation with the thin-plate interpolation to achieve more accurate and efficient registration; 3) implement the soft-assignment strategy, instead of the one-to-one correspondence, in detecting correspondence during registration.
  • Project week (Utah, 2010): We have finalized HAMMER "alpha" release on NITRC and gave a tutorial. In the next couple of weeks, we will continue to polish the tutorial and code, provide support to and collect feedback from early HAMMER adapters.
  • Project week 2009 in Utah: we have developed/implemented HAMMER registration algorithm using ITK classes. New ITK classes have been created for tasks of HAMMER. Each component has been tested. The source code is version controlled at NITRC site. The current development corresponds to the original Hammer algorithm that is based on tissue classification of T1 weighted images (as outlined on the first HAMMER paper).