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Example GUI created within ctkPythonShell

Key Investigators

  • Isomics: Steve Pieper
  • Kitware: Jc


A ctkPythonShell widget [1] is based on the example given in PythonQt and is already included in SlicerQT.

Our goal is to enable a usable subset of QtGui capability via python (currently on a basic subset is available).

Approach, Plan

First we should have a stand alone example in CTK, then this will be exposed in slicer. A few issues about how options for external projects should be handled when nested in external projects (PythonQt is an external project of CTK, which is an external project of Slicer4).

If time, also look at how to get ipython embedded in ctkPythonShell.


We have confirmed that this can be done, but it is not yet enabled through CTK and Slicer by default.

We spent a lot of time on architecture and our divide and conquer strategy for implementing the slicer4 qt functionality with working alpha versions by September and Betas for the January 2011 project week. Near term focus for Steve will be porting SWidget tcl functionality to tcl and the new vtkMRMLDisplayableManager framework using a python interpreter layer for vtk calls.

Delivery Mechanism

CTK and Slicer4.