2010 Summer Project Week Seg Adapt HNT

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Key Investigators

  • Georgia Tech: Ivan Kolesov and Allen Tannenbaum
  • MGH: Gregory Sharp


We are working on segmenting structures in the head, neck, and thorax that are degraded by artifacts or do not have distinctly visible boundaries in CT imagery. An approach for building a prediction for a structure’s segmentation based on other organs exists. However, an algorithm to use this prediction in the segmentation stage must be developed.

Approach, Plan

  • Develop understanding of level set filters in ITK and decide on this or another level set implementation.
  • Select an energy for segmentation incorporating the shape prior we have in hand.
  • Begin implementing the energy in the framework selected in the first step.


  • Considered level set filters in ITK and the one used in Robust Statistics Segmentation module
  • Potential paths for pre-processing patient data sets were examined.