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Motivations: Clinical Applications in Orthodontics

We are aiming to develop methods to compute Shape Correspondence and Shape Analysis to the Orthodontic Clinical field. The main challenge in this approach is the complexity of the surfaces processed, i.e. Cranio-Maxillo-Facial anatomy. Until now, Shape Correspondence was applied almost entirely to brain morphometry studies. SPHARM-PDM Toolbox has been used until now for different Ortho applications ([1-5] see figure 1), however the performance of this methodological framework does not work satisfactorily for Full Mandibles. Our main interest focuses right now in Entropy-Based Particle Systems [6], that does not rely in parametric fields or spherical topology for establishing correspondence in a Surface Ensemble. Since it is relevant to expand our research topics, we are interested in linear distance map visualization in Slicer3, as well as how to best use transformation nodes provided by Slicer3 for Surgical planning.

Key Investigators

  • UNC SPHARM: Beatriz Paniagua, Martin Styner, Corentin Hamel
  • UNC Particle System: Beatriz Paniagua, Ipek Oguz, Clement Vachet
  • UNC Shape Analysis, Application and Visualization: Beatriz Paniagua, Martin Styner, Lucia Cevidanes



1. Integrate tools developed to be used with ShapeWorks particle-optimization shape correspondence program, developed by Utah U.

2. Slicer3 color map visualization

3. UNC SPHARM-PDM shape analysis module integration in Slicer3.

4. Application of Slicer3 for Cranio maxillo facial surgical planning, discussions about how Slicer3 clips, rotates, mirrors, etc.

Approach Plan

1. Entropy-Based Particle Systems: Meet with Manasi Datar and Josh Cates (Utah U.) to discuss integration of our auxiliary post and pre processing tools.

2. Slicer3 color map visualization: Talk with Nicole Augier about how to use Color module in Slicer3. Some tools were coded to adapt Slicer3 to our needs, but they are not optimal and it would be desirable to integrate this in Slicer3.

3. UNC SPHARM-PDM shape analysis module integration in Slicer3: Corentin Hamel is the main person in charge for that, but I will be happy to help if needed.

4. Application of Slicer3 for Cranio maxillo facial surgical planning, discussions about how Slicer3 clips, rotates, mirrors, etc: Talk with Steve Piper (?) about Transformation Nodes usage.


* Worked with Manasi Datar in the integration of particle consistency code.

* Slicer3 color map visualization: Demian and Nicole are working in future upgrades of the color module that most likely will cover our needs with regards to color visualization in Slicer3. In the meantime a stand-alone tool is up and running for mapping colors that might be displayed in Slicer3.

* Possibilities and scope of Cranio maxillo facial surgical planning module were discussed with Steve. In the meantime while that evolves, further idea on clipping, rotation functionality in Slicer3 will allow to go further in our surgery simulation studies.


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