2010 WinterProject Week XNATUseforPopulationAnalysis

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Key Investigators

  • UNC: Corentin Hamel, Martin Styner, Clement Vachet
  • Dan Marcus, Tim Olsen, John Paulett, Wendy Plesniak, Julien Jomier


We are developing a Slicer module for population analysis. The module will take as an input a file with all the files needed for the population analysis. Actually all the files will be download with FetchMI from XNAT.

Approach, Plan

Our approach for the project week is to first try out to download not only A MRML scene but any file we need. Then retrieve this files and send them to another module for processing.


We had two meetings this week with people from XNAT and BatchMake who help us define a new approach to perform population analysis. A slicer Qt widget will be create to select some data from XNAT. After that BatchMake will use an xcat file as an input and to dowload the related datas and perform the shape analysis problem.