2010 Winter Project Week DTI QualityControl

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Key Investigators

  • Iowa: Hans Johnson,Joy Matsui, Kent Williams
  • UNC: Martin Styner, Zhexing Liu
  • Utah: Sylvain Gouttard, Guido Gerig,


To take several independent (but related) DTI analysis tools (DTIPrep, DTIFiberTrack, DTIProcess) and make them easier to adopt by the end user community. This includes simplifying the build process, removing unnecessary build dependancies, making command line tools Slicer Execution Model compliant, and providing documentation on how to build the tools.

Approach, Plan

Our approach is to place the source code in a common location where are developers and end users have a common access to it (www.nitrc.org), identify the independent development branches, and finally consolidate into a consistent set of tools that are easier to build, maintain, and use.


  1. A meeting ocured to discuss what tools were critical to do a first level DTI analysis. (Including some new ones)
    1. DTIPrep/
    2. DTIProcess/
    3. DicomToNrrdConverter/
    4. GTRACT/
    5. MultiImageRegistration/
    6. QuantitativeFiberClustering/
    7. QuantitativeFiberClusteringDocs/
    8. SlicerExecutionModel
  2. Contact Authors of the tools to get permission to place them all on NITRC (All approved)
  3. Created SVN external links to all the trunks of the relevant tools
  4. Wrap all tools with SlicerExecutionModel
  5. Build all tools from same source code both independent, as a common group, and as part of Slicer3.
  6. It all compiles on my laptop!


  1. Integrate recent Utah fixes to DTIProcess
  2. Test the Slicer3 extension building
  3. Move MultiImageRegistration to NITRIC page (approval received)

Common development trees for DTIProcess and DTIPrep from the UNC Neurolib repository have been migrated to the NITRC site.