2010 Winter Project Week Fast Imaging Library + Siemens EPI

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Key Investigators

  • BWH: Scott Hoge
  • Utah: Nick Todd, Dennis Parker


Incorporate improved EPI Nyquist ghost correction techniques and on-line parallel imaging reconstruction modules into the multi-shot EPI sequence used by the HiFU project at Utah.

Approach, Plan

Our plan for the project week is to ...

  • modify the multi-shot EPI sequence to include temporal encoding
  • integrate fast imaging library calls into ICE image reconstruction chain


  • Temporal encoding of single-shot EPI complete. extending to segmented EPI sequence.
  • Functor created to reconstruct acquired data in Siemens ICE framework
  • Modified Functor Makefiles to link in NCIGT Fast Imaging Library


  • On Acquisition
    • Single-shot EPI pulse sequence modified to include temporal encoding.
    • Data acquired on Siemens machine
    • Images reconstructed using EPI-GESTE show very low Nyquist ghosts, much lower than the product reconstruction code

Hoge ngc igtpw 1.jpg

    • Double-shot EPI pulse sequence modified to include temporal encoding
    • PLACE method to remove ghosts works (but with loss of temporal resolution), EPI-GESTE still needs some work.
  • On Reconstruction
    • EPI-GESTE Functor defined for Siemens ICE processing chain
    • NCIGT Fast Imaging library linked into functor
    • currently debugging the functor


  • We have a new method for self-referenced EPI ghost correction (EPI-GESTE)
  • Goal for the week: implement on Siemens, both pulse sequence changes and on-line recon
    • temporal encoding of EPI data acquisition
    • application of parallel imaging algorithms

Hoge ngc igtpw 0.png