2010 Winter Project Week MultiscaleLupusAnalyses

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Key Investigators

  • MRN: Mark Scully, Jeremy Bockholt
  • BWH: Steve Pieper


To combine the multiple types of available neuroimaging data in to a multiscale analysis of a lupus patient. Perform a multiscale analysis using sMR, DWI, ASL, and an fMR rest task on a lupus patient

Approach, Plan

Use various existing NAMIC analysis pipelines to process each type of neuroimaging data and then combine all resulting features into a single statistical analysis.

Implement any functionality that doesn't currently exist in the NAMIC kit.


1. Experimented with multiple DWI pipelines and started processing data using GTRACT

2. Implemented a module to perform cross-correlation of the signals created by averaging all voxels within an anatomical region per TR using a rest task during fMRI.

3. Applied Cortical Thickness and Stochastic Tractography modules to our test data.