2010 Winter Project Week Slicer XNAT

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Upload pipeline of tagged data to remote host
Download pipeline and automatic tagging of data types

Key Investigators

  • Wendy Plesniak
  • John Paulett
  • Tim Olsen
  • Dan Marcus


Exchanging data between XNAT and Slicer is currently very slow. We will identify and begin resolving bottlenecks in the current FetchMI module and Remote I/O pipeline.

Approach, Plan

  • Profile data downloads in the FetchMI module and in Slicer's RemoteIO pipeline.
  • Walk through the FetchMI code to see how the XNAT API is being utilized. Optimize.
  • Determine ways to optimize Slicer's RemoteIO pipeline.


Progress will be rapid, possibly ferocious.

  • Wendy found a bug in the upload pipeline! not yet fixed, but high priority.
  • Instrumented the download pipeline with profiling methods to tease out where time is being spent.
  • Reviewed with Tim and Dave -- transfer times seem appropriate.
  • Tim and Dave reviewed Wendy's informatics code, appears that the code is appropriate.
  • Profiling reveals that bulk of time is being spent in the Remote I/O pipeline...
  • Discussed with Ron, Dan, Jim some ways to bypass cache in Slicer to speed up download.
  • Profiling will continue and if necessary, we will extend the Remote I/O pipeline for improved performance.

Reference material

FetchMI Arch.png