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Key Investigators

  • GE: Jim Miller, Mahnaz Maddah
  • BWH: Nicole Aucoin, Wendy Plesniak, James Malcolm
  • Isomics: Alex Yarmarkovich


To be able to edit tract bundles:

  • Move a fiber from one bundle to another
  • Remove a fiber from a bundle
  • Add a fiber to a bundle

Approach, Plan

  • Develop tract picking subsystem.
    • Capturing Pick event [done]
    • Translating the picked cell from the visualization representation (line, tube) to a picked cell in the data representation. [in process]
    • Highlighting the picked tract
    • Editing buttons and actions
  • Develop the interaction model.
    • Universally available, or
    • Tract editing module, or
    • Extension to the Editor module


  • Guido suggest looking at the workflow in FiberViewer