2010 Winter Project Week Tractography using DTI Atlasing

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Key Investigators

  • Utah: Gopalkrishna Veni, Ross Whitaker, Sarang Joshi


To study the effect of drugs on teenagers in the age group of 12-30.

Approach, Plan

Initially, the DWI data is preprocessed to address Eddy current correction and EPI distortion correction. Next, DTI Atlas building is performed using Casey’s DTI analysis pipeline* to bring all the DTI images into a common co-ordinate system and then fiber tract analysis is performed to compare the differences in specific fiber tracts. Our aim for the project week is to explore various DTI analysis tools developed by NAMIC to perform tractography.


During this week, two tractographic modules using Fiducial seeding and Python stochastic tractography have been explored using our dataset. I am still working on the problem related to the registration of T2 weighted image with the DTI baseline image.


  • Casey B. Goodlett, P. Thomas Fletcher, John H. Gilmore, Guido Gerig. Group Analysis of DTI Fiber Tract Statistics with Application to Neurodevelopment. NeuroImage 45 (1) Supp. 1, 2009. p. S133-S142.