2010 Winter Project Week TubularTreeSeg

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Key Investigators

  • Vandana Mohan, Allen Tannenbaum (Georgia Tech)
  • Marek Kubicki (BWH)


Implement a Slicer module for the Tubular Tree segmentation framework of Mohan et al.

Approach, Plan

Implement as a command-line module via integration of current MATLAB implementation.


  • The algorithm is available in MATLAB with parts of the framework as C code (via mex).
  • During winter project week 2010: Framework integrated into Slicer as MATLAB module. Tested for CB segmentation. (See above image for snapshot of module view and result from Slicer.)
  • Next steps: Enable branching detection in framework, and test on vessel segmentation.


"Tubular Surface Segmentation for extracting anatomical structures from medical imagery"; Vandana Mohan, Ganesh Sundaramoorthi and Allen Tannenbaum; IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging (in review)