2010 Winter Project Week XND

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Upload pipeline of tagged data to remote host

Key Investigators

  • Wendy Plesniak
  • Ron Kikinis
  • Dan Marcus


  • Modify the XNAT Desktop user interface to have a more PACS-like interface while accounting for complexities of research data that aren't part of typical patient-centric interfaces.
  • Slicer will also have a native PACS-like browse/load/save interface that will act as a client to XNAT's File Server and other database back ends; we want to ensure as parallel a user experience as possible between Slicer's native interface and XND to help users switch easily between the two.

Approach, Plan

  • Use well-received interfaces (Osirix, GE) to motivate the new XND interface. Continue developing mock-ups and iteratively implementing in XND.
  • Design for multiple levels of expertise (novice, intermediate, expert), and focus on needs of (mi2b2) clinician scientist users as a key user group


Wendy developed an initial mock-up that received additional tuning during her recent visit to STL. Subsequent discussions with Ron have revealed additional requirements and design constraints. Work on transcribing this information and storyboard the browse/load DICOM workflow will continue this week.

Discussions this week have refined the design approach and next steps.

  • Will begin with DICOM data, but will accommodate other data types that slicer supports.
  • Will provide three data "views": Project, Study, and Subject views. Will get rid of "File view" in XND.
  • Wendy will design a set of filters to refine search (worked with Tim and Dave to understand the technical constraints, and learn about ways to generate queries.)
  • Slicer side will develop thumbnails for all MRML scenes
  • XNAT team will develop thumbnails for DICOM.
  • Wendy will design a set of workflows for importing and marking up data (DICOM and other).
  • Tim and Dan will discuss MIME type variable
  • Tim and Dan will discuss where we assign "MRML" as variable value (Format, Content, Mimetype?)
  • Tim and Wendy discussed wiki page for "recommended" variable values for these variables, to promote data sharing. Mechanism for updating metadata if a recommended variable value changes?
  • Also discussed designing a "QTWidget" for transacting with XNAT -- useful for many groups.