2011 Winter Project Week:MIDAS for data hosting

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Key Investigators

  • Kitware: Zach Mullen
  • UIowa: Hans Johnson


Make use of the MIDAS data archiving system to host data related to tests such as baseline and comparison images.


  • Not all users will want to build and test every module of Slicer, so they shouldn't have to download the testing data for every part of Slicer
  • Encourage the optional use of testing with "large" datasets that aren't downloaded unless the "large-data" tests are configured to run
  • Don't download any duplicated test data more than once

Approach, Plan

  • MIDAS+CTest: create a thin wrapper for "add_test" calls that will allow for adding a test that references remote data on a MIDAS server in a human-readable way
  • The underlying mechanism will address data by its checksum to ensure integrity and no duplication of downloads, but test creators and users shouldn't have to deal with checksums
  • Create an "Easy Upload" page for the Slicer community to allow test data to be uploaded and ready to test against with as few clicks as possible
  • MIDASDesktop: A GUI application for moving data between a client machine and a MIDAS server


  • MIDAS+CTest macro has been created and is currently in use successfully with the BRAINSTools test data.
  • Easy Upload page has a working prototype and requires further improvements and customization for Slicer
  • MIDASDesktop: svn repo is here https://www.kitware.com/svn/KWPublic/trunk/MIDAS/MIDAScpp

Delivery Mechanism

  • Test data will be hosted publicly (with any necessary access control) on midas.kitware.com
  • Test data in the Slicer4 repository will be replaced by a reference
  • That site will also host the Slicer Easy Upload page.