2012 Progress Report ARRA Supplement

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NA-MIC ARRA Supplement

A small subcontract was given to Kitware (from 9/2011 to 3/2012) to continue the development, support, and maintenance of the conversion of Slicer to Qt. This funding specifically contributed to the enhancement of Slicer 4's interface in conjunction with the Slicer 4 release (version 4.0.1) generated for the NA-MIC All Hands Meeting in Salt Lake City. Over 100 people attended that meeting, and we saw a massive spike in downloads during and just after the meeting. The 64 bit Windows version alone now has been downloaded over 12,000 times. That release represents a new level of functionality and stability for Slicer. Developers now are able to use it to create their own extensions and user interfaces. Users are able to process their data using a more responsive and capable user interface. New algorithms and interfaces have been developed and shared to address new pre-clinical and clinical problems.