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Key Investigators

  • Harvard Medical School: Lydie Souhait, Arnaud Gelas, Sean Megason
  • RPI: Kedar Grama, Raghav Padmanabhan, Badri Roysam



  • Exchange data (cell segmentation results) between Farsight and Gofigure2

Approach, Plan

  • Discuss current status of both projects
  • Define common objects/traces used by both projects
  • Install both projects
  • Export the data from both projects into textfiles
  • Import the data from Farsight into Gofigure Database
  • Import the data from Gofigure Database into Farsight


  • Export Contours/Meshes from Gofigure2 into textfile done
  • Import Contours/Meshes from textfile into Gofigure2 database done
  • Import segmentation results from Farsight into Gofigurew done
  • Import results from Gofigure2 into Farsight ~75% done