NA-MIC:2007 Plan for Long-Lead Time Items

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Please note that this meeting is to plan for the longer lead time items in NA-MIC, and is intended for NA-MIC PIs in general.


  • Ron,
  • Tina,
  • Will,
  • Jim,
  • Steve


  • Slicer3 Release Schedule
  • Tasks
    • The "next" EM Segmenter
      • Registration (rigid and non-rigid; modules to create statistical atlases)
      • DTI (visualize; advanced queries; rendering performance, Runge-Kutta, etc.)
      • Interactive editing
    • Packaging, NAMIC Kit improvements
    • BatchMake/MIDAS/Slicer
    • VTK 3D widgets integrated into Slicer
    • Book: "Practical Software Process"
    • Client-server support for Slicer
    • Volume rendering
    • Database backend