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The NAC group is a group of scientists at BWH in Boston who are doing research in neuroimaging and neuroimage analysis. This group is open to all interested participants.

The purpose of this group is to advance our individual research agendas by

  • exchanging know-how about image acquisition and image analysis tools and capabilities
  • coordinating our efforts to improve infrastructure at the institution

Current members

Please feel free to add yourself to this list.


This group has funding from many different agencies, both federal and private.

Ferenc Jolesz
MR Guided Therapy Jolesz 09/30/95-04/30/07 NCI P01CA067165 PI
Multidisciplinary Training in Image Guided Therapy Jolesz 09/24/01-06/30/07 NCI R25CA089017 PI
H.L. Weiner
Antigen specific therapy in CNS autoimmune diseases Weiner 12/08/99 – 08/31/11 NIH/NINDS P01 NS 038037-06A2 PI
Immunoregulatory T cells in multiple sclerosis Weiner 07/03/02 – 06/30/07 NIH R01 NS23132 PI
Mechanisms of the induction of oral tolerance Weiner 06/01/98 – 12/31/09 NIH R01 AI43458 PI
Multiple Sclerosis Registry Weiner 01/01/03 - 03/31/08 Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. PI
Antibody independent clearance of beta-amyloid in a mouse model of AD Weiner 02/01/06-01/31/09 Alzheimer's Association PI
Mucosal immunotherapy in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s Disease Weiner 08/15/06 – 04/30/11 NIH 1R01AG027437-01 PI
Martha Shenton
Computerized Image Analyses of MR Scans in Schizophrenia Shenton 05/01/94-08/31/10 NIH/NIMH R01 MH 50740 PI
Supplement to Promote Reentry into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers Shenton 07/01/06-06/30/09 NIH/NIMH R01 MH 50740 PI
Clinical Symptoms & Brain Abnormalities in Schizophrenia Shenton 09/16/04-08/31/09 NIH/NIMH K05 MH 70047 PI
MR Brain Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Schizophrenia Shenton 10/01/03-09/30/08 VA Merit PI
Biological Basis of Schizotypal Personality Disorder McCarley/Shenton 08/01/94-03/01/10 NIH/NIMH R01 MH 52807 Co-PI
Neuroimaging Studies of Schizophrenia McCarley/Shenton 04/01/03-03/31/09 VA Research Enhancement Award Program Co-PI
VA Center Grant in Schizophrenia McCarley/Shenton 01/01/07-12/31/12 Co-PI
National Alliance for Medical Imaging Computing (NAMIC) Kikinis 09/17/04-07/31/07 NIH/NIBIB U54 EB005149 Shenton Site-PI
Vulnerability to Progression in Schizophrenia McCarley 07-12 NIH/NIMH P50 MH80272 Shenton Core PI & Project PI
Ron Kikinis
Neuroimaging Analysis Center Kikinis 09/30/98-07/31/08 NIH/NCRR P41 RR13218 PI
National Alliance for Medical Imaging Computing (NAMIC) Kikinis 09/17/04-07/31/09 NIH/NIBIB U54 EB005149 PI
Morphometry Biomedical Informatics Research Network 09/30/04-05/31/09 NIH U24 RR021382 Site PI
Functional Biomedical Informatics Research Network 12/01/05-11/30/10 NIH U24 RR021992 Site PI
Jill Goldstein
Shared Fetal Antecedents to Depression and Risk to CVD Goldstein 12/01/06-11/30/11 NIMH & NHLBI R01 MH074835 PI
Gender and Brain Abnormalities in Schizophrenia Goldstein 07/15/97-06/30/11 NIMH R01MH056956 PI
Sex & Brain Abnormalities in Schizophrenia Phase III Goldstein 07/01/06-06/30/11 NIMH RO1MH56956 PI
Hormones/Genes in Women's Health: From Bench to Bedside Goldstein 09/01/05-07/31/10 NICHHD K12HD051959 PI
Rohit Bakshi
Spinal Cord Atrophy in Multiple Sclerosis Bakshi 10/1/05 - 9/30/08 NMSS RG 3705-A-1 PI
Gray vs. White Matter Brain Atrophy in Multiple Sclerosis Bakshi 12/01/06-11/30/10 NIH R01 NS055083-01A1 PI
Gray vs. White Matter Brain Atrophy in Multiple Sclerosis Bakshi 10/1/06-09/30/09 NMSS RG 3798-A-2 PI
Carl-Fredrik Westin
Novel DT-MRI Analyses of White Matter in Schizophrenia Westin 11/01/06-10/31/11 NIH R01 MH074794 PI
Real-time Control of 3D-Slicer Visualization Using Coordinates from Electrophysiological Catheter Tracking System Westin 10/01/05-09/30/07 CIMIT Application Development Award PI
Charles R.G. Guttmann
MRI Characterization of Cortical Lesions in MS Guttmann 10/01/04-09/30/07 National Multiple Sclerosis Society RG 3574-A-1 PI
Age-Related Changes of Cognition in Health and Diseases: Image Analysis Core Guttmann 09/15/02-07/31/07 NIH/MGH PO1 AG04953 Site PI
Brain Changes and Risk Factors Causing Impaired Mobility Guttmann 04/01/04-03/30/09 NIH/U Conn R01 AG022092-01 Site PI
HRCA/Harvard Research Nursing Home Guttmann 09/15/04 – 6/30/09 NIH/HRCA AG004393 Site PI
Longitudinal Structural Imaging Change in the Era of HAART Guttmann 7/1/06-4/30/10 NIH/Tufts Site PI
Reisa Sperling
Alzheimer’s Association Sperling 11/01/06-10/31/09 Investigator Initiated Research Grant PI
American Federation in Aging Research Sperling 07/01/03-06/30/08 Beeson Award PI
FMRI assessment of hippocampal response to treatment with memantine Sperling 03/01/04-06/30/07 Investigator ***Initiated-Corporate Sponsored/Forest Pharmaceuticals PI
Evolution of memory-related fMRI activation over the course of MCI and AD Sperling 05/01/06-01/31/11 NIA R01AG027435 PI
Alex Golby
Brain basis of memory studied by fMRI & intercranial EEG Golby 07/01/04-06/30/09 NIDS K08NS048063 PI
David F. Tate
Cognitive Performance and Diffusivity in HIV Patients Tate 8/24/2005 - 7/31/2010 K23MH073416 PI
Neuroimaging Evidence of Relapsing/Remitting HIV Encephalitis Tate 12/24/2006 -12/24/2007 Center for AIDS Pilot Funding PI
Longitudinal Structural Imaging Change in the Era of HAART Tate 7/1/2006 - 4/30/2010 RO1NS0365524 Site-PI
Cynthia G. Wible
Auditory-verbal functional studies of schizophrenia Wible 1/01/2005-1/01/2009 NIMH R01 MH067080 PI

Upcoming Events

  1. Working Session on Acquisition Protocols for Neuroresearch Jan 25th at 9.30-10.30 in Neurosurgery conference room on the fourth floor of Carrie Hall.