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Previous Entry in the thread:: See meeting Notes of 03/18/2009

Discussion and Current Status (2009-05-29):

Dial in: Please call in on 1.866.747.9489 passcode 4212569. Please be at a terminal and take your IE browser to and click on ‘enter as guest’ then type in your name and institution and click on ‘enter room’

  • Agenda
    • There is no agenda here. This page is now for keeping track of feature requests.

Action Items (2009-05-29):

Immediate Action Items

Later Action Items

Feature Requests

  • Priority 1: Develop, test, and install capability of synonyms for class names in BRO/Bioportal. This is a basic feature of ontological development, and is also related to the issues of provenance tracking and depracation (the latter of which is currently to be handled by assigning 'old' class names (and possibly synonyms) to a depracation bin. By formally allowing synonyms the BRO/Bioportal will be able to handle misspellings (in applications), resolution of collisions between different sides in a harmonization process, and just the usual need for multiple words to have the same meaning. This will also help in the process of alinging the lexicon with NIF. Aside from helping harmonization etc, this will also preserve the hierarchy in case of real synonyms. (Suggested by PLyster 20090218)
  • Priority 1: Flexible extension to BIM (Information Model) in case an individual wants to create customized biositemaps, e.g., to display as web site. This will also help to make the Biositemaps less lossy. (Suggested by PLyster 20090218)
  • Priority 1: Add tool tip for the three class hierarchies in order to identify BRO/Deprecated/not-BRO (Peter and Csongor 20090526)
  • Priority 1: Maintain content of editors: e.g., Update names Center or Organization (Peter and Csongor 20090526)
  • Priority 2: Extensible (plug-and-play) use of Hierarchies (BRO, NIF, etc) (Peter and Csongor 20090526)
  • Priority 1: Add in Related Resources tools (search tools back to editor) (Peter and Csongor 20090526)
  • Priority 2: Tools to automatically generate Biositemaps (Peter and Csongor 20090526)
  • Priority 2: Process for handling provenance which is lossless. Meaning: will enable users/consumers to know which epochs (lexicon and hierarchy) of BRO is applicable to a biositemaps.rdf. (Suggested by PLyster 20090218)
  • Priority 2: Extend Biositemaps API to support use of Biositemaps as exchange mechanism for information about resources (Suggested by PLyster 20080218)

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