Slicer3 Informatics Workflow Design & XNAT updates

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Key Investigators

  • WUSTL: Dan Marcus, Kevin Archie, Mikhail Milchenko
  • BWH: Ron Kikinis, Steve Pieper, Wendy Plesniak
  • others who will join, please add your names!


  • Learn about new API for XNAT Desktop and XNAT Enterprise & how to integrate with Slicer
  • Design user-centered informatics workflow, including
    • query,
    • results browsing,
    • authoring & applying metadata,
    • consolidated load & save

in Slicer, for XNAT and other data suppliers

Approach, Plan

  • Fix fetchmi bugs (prior to Proj week)
  • Work on adapting implementation to new API
  • Discuss workflows to support search and browsing for 3 common kinds of studies:
    • Analysis of individual studies
    • Longitudinal studies
    • Population studies