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Widgets Slicer wish list

Angle measurement [Done]

  • A 3D representation to the angle widget has been added. The following were added to support this:
    • vtkAngleRepresentation3D.cxx/h
    • vtkArcSource.cxx/h
    • TestAngleWidget3D.cxx
    • TestAngleWidget2D.cxx
  • Bug fix: unnecessary renders were removed from the angle widget. This somehow went unnoticed in the 2D case, possibly because the data being rendered is fairly small.

Distance measurement widget [Done]

  • Line Widget extended to support optional text annotations indicating the distance between its end-points. This should suffice to measure distances between 2 points in 3D.

Picking issue with widgets [Done]

  • Bug picking implicit plane widget.
    • Note to KK: Look at SlicerPlaneSWidget.tcl:75

Updating Fiducial list to vtkSeedWidget [Working on it]

Notes from talking with Nicole, Oct 7/08

Features needed:

  • Ability to set properties per seed
  • Ability to associate a label with a seed.
  • Label visibility can be toggled on/off
  • Ability to associate (optionally) a note with a seed (Ron's request)
  • Glyps for seed shape
    • 2D
      • All the ones in vtkGlyph2D
      • StarBurst2D,
    • 3D
      • Sphere3D
      • Diamond3D
  • Nicole to check if transform is applied to the fiducials in slicer registration. Really bad idea to do so with widgets.
  • Constraints on fiducials

Affine widget

  • Mega widget (will take time)
  • 6 degrees of freedom.

Live wire widget

  • Live wire widget for the editor
  • Exists in VTK HEAD Sep 08. Upgrade from VTK 5.2

Contour widget (just a wish, not urgent)

  • Use case: Pick a series of models to place in a hierarchy
  • Lasso around a bunch of objects in 3D


  • Steve and Will to talk about VTKEdge, licensing etc.
  • Paintbrushes in VTKEdge
  • GPU ray caster

Contour widget polyplane ROI segmentation in 3D

EM Segmenter

EM Segmenter simple example data for segmentation from a T1 MR.

Temporary hosting for NAMIC (RemoveMe)


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