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Current Projects

  • Shape Analysis of Caudate and Corpus Callosum Data
  • ITK SNAP: A level Set Semi Automatic Segmentation tool and its use at UNC for the segmentation of brain structures
  • UNC Tools for the Statistical Analysis of Anisotropy of Diffusion Tensor Measures along White Matter Fibers
  • Participants
    • UNC: Isabelle Corouge, Martin Styner.
    • PNL: Sylvain Bouix, Marek Kubicki, James Levitt, Marc Niethammer.


  • 11/2005, Shape analysis of PNL caudates with UNC software
  • 10/2005, UNC visit the PNL
    • Meeting to establish the needs of the different parties and come up with a schedule.
    • Presentation of progress: ProgressReport
  • 7/2005. Programming Week in Boston
    • Martin Styner and Sylvain Bouix met to discuss possible collaborations. A project on the shape analysis of the caudate nucleus seemed to be a reasonable starting point.

References and Scientific Output


  • Algorithm:
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  • Development
    • M Styner, M Jomier, G Gerig: Closed and Open Source Neuroimage Analysis Tools and Libraries at UNC: IEEE Symposium on Biomedical Imaging ISBI 2006, to appear.


  • Algorithm: Corouge, I., Fletcher, T., Joshi, S., Gilmore J.H., and Gerig, G., Fiber Tract-Oriented Statistics for Quantitative Diffusion Tensor MRI Analysis, accepted MICCAI 2005 conference.